Leg Cuff Ultimate Accessory Deer Drag Pack

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The Ultimate Accessory Deer Drag pack gives you all that you need to make your drag easier. Still light weight. You can use the strap to hook to your four-wheeler, tree stand if you carry your stand in and out of the woods. Comes with The Leg Cuff, strap, carrying pouch.


Leg Cuff Deer Drag Ultimate Accessory Drag Pack is Light-weight carrying pouch for our Leg Cuff that you can wear all your side. The Accessory strap you can use to strap your deer to the Four Wheeler, ATV.

The Leg Cuff Ultimate Accessory Deer Drag Pack is a pack the Leg Cuff or The XL Leg Cuff fit into that you can hook to your pants, back pack

*Pouch will be Camo bag*

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